“Clinical Manifestation of Hemoglobins S Disease and the Dental Patient”

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Linda D. Chandler-Jacobs, BS, RDH is an Independent Life Insurance and Annuities Agent. Linda has several years of experience as a motivated agent in sales and customer relations. Her primary goal has been to leverage a proven sales system and achievements into the open management role of her company. Licensed in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma Linda is a graduate of the University of Texas School of Dentistry in Houston Texas with a Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Hygiene. Linda has over 42 years of experience in the dental field. Linda has designed and implemented various protocols to enhance the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of patients with chronic periodontal involvement. Her career research of treatment and practice management have been primarily focused on a direct correlation of the latest research of Pharmaceutical Drugs and how they systemically react with the dental patient. She has utilized preventive, therapeutic and educational methods to identify and treat various complications as they pertain to the dental patient. Linda has used state-of-the art research to active patients with Laser Technology with documented success. Her special interest has been the challenges facing patients with diabetes, osteoporosis and geriatric patients as their compromised medical health jeopardizes all aspects of their dental health. Linda still practices two days a week to accommodate her loyal patients. Linda now focuses her time and efforts on education and guidance for those individuals in the Dental field so they may have the proper funds in place to successfully retire.  Linda and her Business Partners offers a variety of products designed to guide the Dental Professionals and the general public. A noted Professional Speaker, Linda devotes most of her time to private venues such as “Lunch and Learns” and seminars where she educates the dental profession, medical profession and private individuals on how to provide for their future financial security.

Mishie Nesbitt CDA, BS, MBA has spent over 25 years in Dental Healthcare. Mishie is a graduate of NYU School of Dentistry in Allied Dental Healthcare and Business Management and Administration from the University of Phoenix. She served both as a Supervisor in the Post Grad Prosthodontics Department and a Clinic Manager Director for UT Dentists Faculty Practice at the University of Texas School of Dentistry in Houston, Texas. Mishie and her Business Partners offer a variety of business products designed to guide Dental Professionals on various financial opportunities. As a Professional Speaker, she focuses on private venues such as “Lunch and Learns” and seminar. She is the Financial Literacy Trainer for Westchase Financial Alliance.

“Clinical Manifestation of Hemoglobins S Disease and the Dental Patient”

Friday, March 26, 2021    9am – 12pm   3 CEUs

This seminar will guide the clinician regarding such patients with SCA who seek orthodontic treatment, dental implants and bone loss associated with periodontal disease. We will offer several references on multidisciplinary management of SCA.

The dental implications of SCA must be fully understood by the Dental Professional to successfully treat the SCA patient in your practice. Treatment should begin only after a thorough investigation has been performed on the patient’s background. Dental treatment such as orthodontics, dental implants and periodontal therapy should be carefully examined. Mucosal pallor, delayed eruption, dental hypoplasia and radiographic changes are common oral findings associated with the disease and often overlooked or missed entirely by the dental professional.


  • Understanding the cause of the SCA
  • Understanding the history of SCA
  • Identifying the SCA
  • Understanding the inheritance pattern of SCA
  • Understanding the Classifications:
  • Sickle Cell Trait
  • Sickle Cell Disease
  • Sickle Cell Crisis
  • Diagnosis and Management of the SCA patient
  • Examples of trabecular patterns and spacing
  • Periodontal Health status
  • Medical complications of SCA
  • COVID-19 and the SCA
  • Dental Coding for various treatment of SCA
  • by Mishie Nesbitt
  • Anesthetic for the SCA patient
  • Dental treatment precautions
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