Course Description

Guidelines surrounding everything from antibiotic premedication to
when treatment can be delivered after a cardiovascular event change
routinely making it more complex to update a health history. Antibiotic
premedication guidelines for joint replacement patients have changed three
times in the last twelve years alone.
Make sure you know and are utilizing the latest scientific information
when discussing medical and dental conditions with your patients. This
course will provide you with the resources needed to make science-based
decisions with current evidence and sources.


Learning Objectives

  • Learn the latest guidelines for premedication from the orthopedic and
    cardiology specialists
  •  Recognize key answers on health history forms to address medical and
    dental concerns with your patients
  •  Understand the science behind antibiotic premedication
  • Identify strategies to writing effective health history questions
  • Make appropriate medical referrals for compromised patients
  •  Know where to locate resources and how to educate patients about
    recommendations for delaying dental treatment or when to recommend
    antibiotic premedication
Seminar Type